Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! Today is Easter, and I don’t have any pictures, just a story. I hope you enjoy!

Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. In just three days, He rose again. He rose on Easter, which is today. Jesus could have had angels save Him from being crucified, but instead, He chose to be crucified to save our sins. Isn’t that amazing?

Take a moment to thank Jesus for all that He did for us. He is amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this post about Easter! I didn’t have much to say, but I hope it was inspiring to you. Have a happy Easter!

P.S. I know that it is April Fool’s Day, but Jesus being crucified, and rising from the dead is no joke.



20 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. Thank youuuuu!!!!!!!!! YAY FOR EASTER!!! EASTER, EASTER, EASTER!!!!!!! *throws Easter confetti all over you until you spit one out of your mouth XDDDD*

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